Over 125, 000 Prescriptions are issued by us each year

Repeat prescriptions are a good way of ensuring that patients can easily obtain any long term medication that they need.
Medications are generally put on repeat once any medication requirements are stabilised. Patients will need a review at a consultation and the frequency of this will depend on each medical condition. In general patients on repeat medication should have a review at least once a year. By way of example, we review those with stable hypertension once a year, diabetics twice a year at least, patients with depression more frequently.
Repeat prescription requests should be made in writing or can be booked online.

Ordering Online – using the Patient Access repeat prescribing facility.

Patient-Access-logoIf you haven’t registered for this – Please ask at reception for your unique patient code to allow you access to this facility, which works very well.
Link to our Online Services

Please note that, for your protection, in order to use the online services, you need to register in person at the surgery and present photo-identification (such as photo driving licence, passport or other officially recognised documents).
You may not register for other people (apart from your children aged under 12) except under special circumstances.

Please be organised and try not to leave requests until you have run out of medication completely; we need two working days to process requests and it is safer not to do things in a rush.
Some important points to remember:

  • Patients often register with a particular pharmacy and if patients have signed up for e-prescribing, prescriptions can be sent directly to the pharmacy.
  • Arrangements for collecting or delivering prescriptions need to be sorted out between the patient, their representatives (relatives/carers) and the pharmacy.
  • The practice will issue medications that are available on repeat, but you need to let us know!
  • Arrangements for requesting prescriptions should be made clear, this is important when you are taking a number of medicines.
  • Our procedures for dealing with repeat prescriptions work very well, it is a huge task and we currently issue approximately 125, 000 prescription items a year in total, many of which are on repeat.