Home Visits

Home visits are made when in the opinion of the doctor that the visit is necessary and that the patient cannot be better and safely dealt with by some other means, for example, a consultation at surgery or the problem necessitates attendance at a Hospital A & E.

Coming to the Surgery can be a better choice for you for many reasons . . .

  • Better facilities are available to examine and treat you
  • Your same doctor can be booked to see you
  • The doctors can easily access your patient computerised records
  • We can do urgent referrals from the practice at the appointment time, and we can get access to hospital records
  • You can access other members of the team who are based in the surgery if needed
  • Chaperones are available
  • There is a pharmacy next door for your medicines and a choice of others nearby
Requests for home visits are always assessed by a doctor and patients are contacted prior to a visit for clarification.

It is helpful if requests for visits are made in the morning; the earlier the better.
This allows us to prioritise our work when we have most doctors available. Please remember that doctors will be doing surgery for a large part of the day. We have a doctor on call doing most of the visits with the other doctors dealing with extra visits when there is increased demand.

Many elderly or frail patients come to surgery because they recognise the importance of seeing the same doctor where possible. Often they bring a relative with them to the consultation and book a double appointment to allow adequate time. This is particularly important to ensure medication regimens are accurate and treatment plans are clear.
Our advice is if you feel you would benefit from this tell reception when you are booking your appointment.